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Jan 5, 2007

This week's offering is the talk given by our teacher in Plum Village on New Year's Eve. Thay encourages us to make a deep aspiration for the New Year, and to put it into practice.

Please write to us and tell us your aspiration to practice here in the comments on, or at our e-mail

Happy New Year!

Simon Du/Melbourne Australia
almost seventeen years ago

Dear Thay, Brothers & Sisters,
Thank you all for your podcasts.
Thay\'s talk has reminded me to put more effort into mindfulness training. In particular, I have been eating mindfully & stopped watching TV except dharma talks. I like Thay\'s suggestion of reciting my own heart sutra.

Warm regards

Robert Earnest Lassiter
over seventeen years ago

A Deep Bow, Thank You

over seventeen years ago

I just wanted to thank you for these wonderful podcasts. I have learned a lot from them.


Heike Mayer/Germany
almost seventeen years ago

Dear brothers and sisters,
listening to Thay\'s talks with your podcasts is a blessing and a joy. With your practice you water a lot of happy seeds in me. Thank you so much.
Bowing with a smile