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Jan 16, 2007

This week we invite you to listen to an evening of sharing which took place during the second night of the Order of Interbeing Retreat this past week at Deer Park Monastery. Monastics and lay friends share about the current situation of energy consumption in relation to our practice and global warming. Also included is a new chant for the Gatha for Inviting the Bell offered by Sisters Mai Nghiem and Thai Nghiem, which you may download separately here.

Vicky Pham
over seventeen years ago

Thank you. These discussions are inspiring and helpful.

Richard Dillon
over seventeen years ago

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and commitment to living more sustainably.
During the talk mention was made of the BP website that allows you to calculate your carbon footprint. Another example is These websites allow you to offset your carbon emissions by funding enviromentally sustainable projects around the world.
Perhaps this is one way the lay community could help support financially, current and future projects to make the worldwide sangha enviromentally sustainable.
I would also like to share with you a wonderful resource we have in the UK, The Centre for Alternative Technology which has become Europes leading eco-centre.

With deepest affection from our fledgling sangha in the city of Leeds in the north of England.

Richard Dillon