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Nov 21, 2014

Dear friends,

Welcome to the Deer Park Dharmacast -- Dharma flowing from the Ocean of Peace.
This week, we present insight from our monastic brothers and sisters at Deer Park Monastery on the art of suffering.  During a question and answer session, retreatants ask how to best practice with suffering in our families and at work. When difficulties manifest in the world around us, we can remember to take refuge in the Dharma, the sangha, and the Buddha nature in ourselves and others.
With our teacher still recovering in the hospital, we have the opportunity to deeply practice his teachings. The most recent official announcements on Thay's health can be found at
Remember, you can always find the Deer Park Dharmacast on Facebook, iTunes, and Twitter. We welcome dharma sharings from our worldwide listeners on any of our online homes or by email. Now, enjoy this moment to stop and look deeply.

eight and a half years ago

Thank you for posting this Q&A session so we all can benefit from it.
Much gratitude.