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May 24, 2007

The two-and-a-half month trip to Vietnam this year has finished with success. Thay and the Sangha have continued on for ten days of retreats and days of mindfulness in Hong Kong, and we now are in Chiang Mai, Thailand for a five-day retreat.

This week we offer you Thay's first talk in Hong Kong, at the University of Hong Kong on 10 May, 2007. Thay fields a number of questions from the audience, including: What can we do to help the situation of global warming? What is Thay's impression of people in Hong Kong? What is the relationship of light to the practice?


june (u.k)
over seventeen years ago

thank you for these wonderful gifts it really helps me as i only see the sangha once a month.the talks help me a lot - give me the inspiration to go on at times when it gets hard , it can feel you are the only one and everyone is so far away.these talks help reconnect me.

Judith Forsyth
over seventeen years ago

Gracious thanks for allowing me to hear the voice of my teacher. I know many of our Qigong and Tai Chi students will enjoy hearing Thay as well. Blessings,

almost seventeen years ago

Many thanks for the podcast. Please count me in as a supporter of No-car day. I have been cycling to & form work for nearly six years. I feel great when I leave my car at home.

over seventeen years ago

thank you for making the podcasts available. i am sure it is inspiring people from around the world to have a sense of \"we are practising together\". i hope that next time you will also have something about your visit in thailand? it is touching me deeply that you are now in chiang mai, the place i was i was born.