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Jan 30, 2007

Welcome to this month's question and answer session on the Deer Park Dharmacast. Sister Dang Nghiem (photo) and Sister Hanh Nghiem answer questions that have been sent in over the past few weeks. How do we practice with jealousy? What distinguishes Thay's tradition from Zen and Vipassana?

Brother Phap Luu hosts.

almost fifteen years ago

Thank you for sharing this thoughtful lecture on the nature of waves. I found it very enlightening and appreciated how direct and easy to understand, Sister Dang Nghiem made these concepts. She is a great teacher and a precious gift to the sangha. Bless.

over seventeen years ago

Thank you for the wonderful session on questions and answers. I love the image of many people taking many trails up the same mountain to the peak. Thank you for your insights and teachings.