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Oct 19, 2007

This week we offer you a talk that Thay gave in Denver, Colorado on August 29th, 2007 during this summer's tour. It was entitled "Our Environment: Touching Our Gift of Life," and in it Thay looks deeply at our present situation as human beings on the planet Earth. Please consider filling out the Earth Peace Treaty Commitment Sheet, to help ourselves, our communities and our planet.

over sixteen years ago

I can\'t download this file either. Windows player tells me the file might be corrupted. Please help!

Michael K Nguyen
almost sixteen years ago

I am able to download it, are other people still having problems?

Trish Palmer
almost seventeen years ago

Thank you so much for re-starting your DharmaCasts and giving us this wonderful talk from Thay, also for Sr Chan Khong\'s beautiful contribution. In some future editions, could you also give us some Vietnamese chanting as a separate item, such as \"May the day be well\"/\"Namo Avalokitesvara\" performed by the Sangha at the beginning of Thay\'s \"Simple Mindfulness\" video? Many thanks. Trish Palmer, Wilts. UK

Trish Palmer
almost seventeen years ago

PS - further to my comments just sent, I forgot to say that maybe your listeners would also appreciate Thay\'s interview on KPFK radio, which I recently found via a link on Parallax website, though I think its no longer there. Best wishes. Trish.

sixteen and a half years ago

Is anyone else having trouble downloading this talk?

almost seventeen years ago

Thank you all so much for bringing the podcast back! We have really missed it. We are starting a sangha soon and hope to use the podcast as a means of bringing the practice to many more people.
Thanks again, so much.