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Sep 25, 2006

Another gift from the hidden mountains of Escondido, CA. This time we can enjoy a talk from Sister Chau Nghiem (Jewel) which she gave on the first full day of the POC Retreat.

I was surprised by words of thanks I recieved this past weekend.  It gave me a warm feeling.  In the mist of our busy schedules we might forget to say a few words of gratitude which can make someone's day.  Lets try this one and remember to use it now and again.

I know you are there and I am happy

Please enjoy our podcast!

A Lotus for You,
Michael Nguyen

almost eight years ago

Still one of my favorites...

Charles Robichaud
seventeen and a half years ago

You are a force for good in the world, and that\'s nice to know.

May all living beings be happy, god knows they want to.

over seventeen years ago

Dear Sangha at Deerpark,
Today is Friday 18/5/07 here in Melbourne and the time is 11:48pm.
I have just finished listening to the dharma talk given by Sister Jewel. (POC Retreat Part3 24-Sep-06).
I would like to thank you by sharing my thoughts and feelings after listenning to the talk in a dark autumn night while everyone in my house is deeply asleep.
The Dharmacast is really wonderful when I listen with my eyes closed and legs crossed.
I felt like I was personally there in the meditation hall with the sangha at Deerpark.

I have recently enjoyed a 10 day retreat in Melbourne.
It is my 2nd retreat in my whole life. The first retreat was 10 years ago.
I am turning 41 next month and I can feel the urgency to practise while I am still alive.
I am living happily with my wife and my two young daughters (2 & 5 y.o).
I also work full time and live with my mum harmoniously but not quite happily. ( mainly because I am still unable to let go of past experience)
Given my situation, it is hard for me to physically join the sangha in Deer park or Plum Village a monastery.
Hence, the Dharmacast is priceless and very much needed here.
So, please, please, please keep the Dharmacast running.

With metta

Dear Sister Jewel,
With 3 bows in deep gratitute, I would like to give you some feedback.
If your picture was not shown on the internet and you didn\'t share with us your background, I would never have thought that you are a first-timer in teaching Dharma because your message was very clear, engaging and encouraging. Thanks for the beautiful song & your compassion in calling peaople to board the train. That excellent simile of the train has stick on my mind. Your dharma talk is also very inspiring probably because you spoke from the bottom of your heart. Your sense of humour & your sincerity are very much appreciated. The way you share with us how you practise your mindfulness training in the dinning room, in the bath room, looking at

seventeen and a half years ago

This is an amazing dharma talk. Sister Jewel offers a wonderful teaching. I hope everyone can take time to be nourished by this dharma rain. Thank you so much for posting it. It should be titled, Turning a Hole into a Well!

Nancy Mattila
seventeen and a half years ago

Dear Friends,
I am filled with gratitude for the profound support of these dharma cast programs.
What wonderful gifts!
A deep bow to you!

seventeen and a half years ago

Great work. I have already downloaded the first three and look forward to this. Have you investigated submitting your podcast to iTunes? It makes it very easy to download and keep up with. I think--I\'ve never done it myself--there\'s just a link from the podcast section of the iTunes music store and you submit the RSS feed. I am quite sure apple would be very pleased to make this available, as among other things it\'s very professionally done.