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Dec 17, 2009

Dear Friends,

 In our next focus on the Elements of Practice we look at the first of two basic practices of the dharma: stopping and looking deeply.  In this dharma talk, Brother Phap Ho guides us in Stopping – coming to rest in the present moment, allowing our minds to become clear and rest in awareness.  We are then able to look deeply, to see that there are so many conditions for our happiness right around us that we might not notice otherwise, that we lose in the busy-ness of our lives.  And through this awareness, we are also able to look deeply into ourselves, to look at how we are constrained by the habits of our lives and minds, as so find freedom.

Please enjoy these offerings, and may they guide us toward the crystal clarity of the present moment.


Trish Palmer UK
fourteen and a half years ago

Hello there - just to say many thanks for this talk and guided meditation, its very nice to be able to get the feel of what its like to be at a Deer Park day of mindfulness, very helpful, I will also send to my son as its presented in such an easy and approachable way.

Sebastian Ramirez
fourteen and a half years ago

Thank you!

martin whelan, ireland
fourteen and a half years ago

Stopping sounds so easy... I have had to walk faster in order to be able to train my mind in walking meditation, now gradually i can slow it down. Its a slow steady progression. I can only manage 10 minutes breathing meditation and its great to see my limit. i notice the difference and so do my dogs..

thank you