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Feb 12, 2007

This week Thay offers a teaching on how to maintain beginner's mind even when we are years into the practice. Also, how do the precepts support our practice?

On Feb 18 we plan to leave for a three month trip in Vietnam, Hong Kong and Thailand. We will do our best to maintain the podcast during this time, but there may be gaps when we do not have regular internet access. Please understand, and stay tuned.

eleven and a half years ago

I am new to this podcast and am loving it. This episode in particular has captured my attention completely. The opening music is absolutely mesmerizing. Do you know what it is?

Cyrus Tau
almost seventeen years ago

Thay\'s dharma talk is very skillfully offered with simplicity,depth, and breath but yet very profound and practical. Thay\'s teaching is also refreshing and renewing the commitment of our Beginner\'s Mind that may derail from the path.

With my two palms together I pray to the Lord Buddha for the opportunity to hear, learn, and contemplate the dharma.