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Oct 5, 2012

Stay seated as Thay Phap Khoi shares about the good sight meditation, the 8 fold path and a rewritten song that by coincidence shares the same name as the retreat he is speaking at.

Preview: "Be here now, be here now, savor your tea and drink your cloud.  Sit with ease, walk in peace the path will turn to joy you'll see."

Enjoy the artwork submitted by Jeffery Levan, 12 years old of Houston.  He says he will learn how to meditate.  Let's support young Jeffrey by supporting ourselves.

eleven and a half years ago

Hi Trish, we'll make sure the future files stay in mp3 format. We'll try to fulfill your request for the Venerable's talks as I also enjoy listening to him.

Trish Palmer
almost twelve years ago

Hello there, Many thanks for your re-vamped website, the changes are much appreciated and its good to have the comments back again. Its been very nice to have your podcasts over the years, and lately to enjoy a taste of your retreats and days of mindfulness, I also love Q+A sessions, and the winter study talks. I've been wanting to ask you for ages now, if you could please give us some more of the Venerable's talks, as they were very helpful and I often listen again to the three you've previously given us, but its a long time since the last one. With regard to the most recent talk just added, is it possible for us to have it in mp3 format as we usually do? Best wishes to you all, Trish

almost twelve years ago

Any problems with the podcast please advise. :)