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Feb 28, 2015

Dear friends, 

Every year on Lunar New Year's eve, Thay recites a poem and gives a dharma talk with insights into Vietnamese poetry, culture, and tradition. This year, as our teacher receives treatment in the hospital, Venerable Thich Phuoc Tinh continues the tradition. He recites a poem of Thay's and gives us a...

Feb 21, 2015

Dear friends,
Today we share the orientation for retreatants at the Holiday Retreat. Brother Phap Hai shares how they enjoy their practice at the monastery. They invite us to stop our habit energies and start monotasking -- as we breathe, walk, eat, and act. May these gentle reminders fill your life with the...

Feb 14, 2015

Dear friends,

Today we continue to explore the Five Mindfulness Trainings with the second half of sharings by lay friends at Deer Park during the Holiday Retreat. Our friends share their experience with the two trainings on Loving Speech and Deep Listening, and Nourishment and Healing. May these sharings fill your heart...

Feb 7, 2015

Dear friends,
Welcome to the Deer Park Dharmacast.  Dharma flowing from the Ocean of Peace.
Today we share the first half of the Five Mindfulness Trainings Presentation at Deer Park Monastery during the Holiday Retreat.  Lay friend, Kenley Neufield, introduces the trainings and practitioners share their experience...