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Apr 25, 2014

 Dear friends,

This week, in celebration of Earth Day, we joyfully share with you a talk given by Brother Phap Ho at the recent Earth Holding Theme Weekend at Deer Park Monastery.  Our brother gently invites us to look at our world with open eyes.  We can shed the definition of ourselves given to us by modern media to...

Dharmacast Breather Break

Apr 18, 2014

The Dharmacast is taking a breather this week -- our coordinator, Cathy, is celebrating her continuation day!

Enjoy a talk from the archives; Br Phap Hai's Dharma in the Kitchen talk is one of Cathy's...

Apr 11, 2014

Welcome to the Deer Park Dharmacast -- Dharma Flowing from the Ocean of Peace.
This week we are lucky to share a talk given by Brother Phap Hoi and translated by Sister Khanh Nghiem.  Our brother poses an important question to us, "What is the essence of your spiritual practice?"  He gives examples of Vietnamese...

Apr 4, 2014

Dear Friends,
Today we share a talk given by Sister Hang Nghiem and translated by Sister Man Nghiem.  In this light-hearted talk, our sister tells us three fairy tales about nature and animals.  Children aren't the only ones who can benefit from stories.  Stories can touch our hearts and open new doors to our...