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Dec 20, 2013

Dear friends,
Today, we invite you to listen to a sharing given by Brother Phap Ho at a recent Day of Mindfulness.  He invites us to join with the great activists of our time.  To clarify our volition for our lives, to be courageous with our actions, and to live in a way that cultivates compassion.  He reminds...

Dec 13, 2013

Dear friends, 

This week, we continue with talks given by Thich Nhat Hanh at Deer Park Monastery in October.  In this talk, Thay delves deeply into conciousness, both individual and collective.  As individuals, we can selectively water our positive seeds and take good care of our negative seeds. Thay invites us to also...

Dec 6, 2013

Dear friends,

This week, we return to talks by Thich Nhat Hanh, given this October at the Deer Park retreat.   Thay shares on many interconnected topics:  the workings of our conciousness, the transformative power of volition, the importance of sangha, and how our suffering and happiness are truly inseparable. May we...